SBT online net Banking: All You Need To Know about SBT Online

SBT online web Banking: we have a tendency to area unit providing complete method to activate SBi Net Banking online for the new checking account holders in bank. The bank of Travancore (SBT) is major Indian bank in Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala district. it’s keep company with bank of India. when submitting your net banking form within the bank of kerala, you may receive the web Banking login kit via Indian post traveller service to access your account. There area unit too several account holder’s in Travancore WHO have checking account in SBI and still they require to use web banking facilities therefore, here you may get all the knowledge relating to what you would like.

Here is that the complete steps which might you follow to activate web banking online and able to login into your sbt online account to transfer funds anyplace in India. will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} conjointly get sensible facilities such as you can recharge your mobile range, fast transfer and plenty of different.

Step 1) Visit to official web site of bank at
Step 2) currently you wish to click on the New User Registration button.

Step 3) Enter the user id and watchword that you received within the login kit.

Step 4) when getting into details click to login button.

Step 4) you want to have modification the account login watchword.

Step 5) Your SBT online account with success activated.

Now you’ll be able to transfer cash to anyplace within the bank or different account whereas victimisation SBT web Banking.

Manage SBI Debit Card on SBI Anywhere

Did you know that you can manage the usage of your SBI ATM / Debit Card by using the State Bank Anywhere Application? The application also allows you to enable or disable the functions of your debit card for different usage types. Take an instance that you wish to use your card for an international payment; you will have to turn on the International Usage and CNP (Card not present) usage. The same is the case with using your card at a POS Terminal; you will have to enable the POS usage. You can do it all and more using the State Bank Anywhere Application.

Manage SBI ATM / Debit Card on SBI Anywhere

SBI’s Debit Cards work everywhere now, both at the Domestic as well as the International level. You can manage any kind of SBI ATM / Debit Card using the SBI Anywhere Application. For that, the first step that you will have to follow is to login on the SBI Anywhere Application and after logging in you will see an option of Debit Card service.

Select that option and then visit the Manage Debit Card Option that you will see on the next screen.

Fill in the form that appears on the next page, i.e. your account number, your card number, and then select the services that you want to turn on.

The services and their details are mentioned below:

  1. Domestic Usage On / Off

If you turn on this option, your card will work on any ATM machine in India and upon turning Domestic usage off, the card will not work at any ATM machine in the country. This option comes in handy if you ever forget your card somewhere and you get the feeling that it is being misused. Using this option, you can control whether your card will work at any ATM machine or not.

  1. International Usage On / Off

SBI’s International Debit Card can be used at any International ATM machine and this option helps control the usage. If you are travelling outside of India, you will be able to use your card there too. Just turn on this option and your card will work at any country’s ATM machine, and upon turning it off, the card will not work at an International ATM machine. For all International online payments, this option must first be enabled.

  1. ATM Txns On / Off

Enabling this option will allow your card to work on all ATM machines and turning this option off will cease any activity at any ATM machine. This option comes in handy if you wish to turn off your debit card for some time. You will simply have to turn this option off and the card would not work at any ATM machine.

  1. Merchant (POS) Txns On / Off

A Point Of Sale Machine is quite a common site at any shop these days. The POS terminal allows you to swipe your card and make the payment instead of going through the trouble of cash transactions. The POS usage option allows you to enable or disable this behavior of your card. Enabling this option will allow you to swipe your card and make a payment at the POS terminal and if you disable the option, your card would not work at the POS terminal.

  1. E-commerce (CNP) Txns On / Off:

This is the option for those who like to pay using their Debit cards in sbi online. This option allows you to control the online usage of your debit card. There could arise a time that you have saved the details of your card on a shopping website and the website faces some security breach. Chances of your card details being leaked are high and you can disable this option so that your card is not misused by anyone.

Note:  If you have an International Debit Card, you can make use of it to pay an International Online Payment but for that, you will have to enable both International Usage and E-commerce (CNP) Txns options.

As you can see, you can manage all the services of your SBI Debit card and also control its behaviors through the State Bank Anywhere Application.

Registration Process for SBI Phone Banking

State Bank of India offers the facility of Phone Banking to its customers. Phone Banking can help you to do all work related to the bank just by dialling the toll-free number by dialling SBI toll-free number.

The best advantage of Phone Banking is that you don’t require any Internet Banking or SMS banking. You just need a smartphone or feature phone.

What are the benefits of SBI Phone Banking?

SBI Phone Banking gives its users a number of benefits As sbi net banking. They are:-

  • See Account balance and Account Statement
  • SBI to SBI Account Fund Transfer
  • Check Bank Statement for the previous 6 months
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Change Registered Mobile Number 
  • Open Fix Deposit
  • Stop Check Payment

So these are the benefits of Phone Banking. Even you can change your registered mobile number through this mode.

Process to register For SBI Phone Banking

When you undertake the process of SBI Phone Banking Registration, do keep your registered mobile number with the account, ATM / Debit Card and PIN along with you.

After completing the process you can log in to sbi for your Phone banking from any mobile. For that, you don’t require the registered mobile phone number.

1: To begin with you need to dial SBI Toll-Free Number 1800112211 or 18004253800.

2: Once you have called the toll free number, listen to the IVR instructions carefully and dial the number accordingly.

  • You will be asked to dial (1) for Phone Banking
  • After that, you have to dial (2) for the Phone Banking registration.
  • Now you have to enter your 16 digit ATM / Debit card number.
  • After that, you will be asked to enter your ATM PIN.
  • After entering the PIN you need to enter your 11-digit account number.

Once you have completed all these steps, your registration process will be completed successfully for Phone Banking.

After this, a phone banking password will be sent to you on your registered mobile number. You need to change this default password within a period of 48 hours. Do keep in mind that your account number is your user id. To change the password follow the steps mentioned below.

3: After that dial SBI Toll-free number again

  • After dialling the Number, select (1) for Phone Banking.
  • Now select (1) to login Phone Banking and enter the User ID that is you need to fill your Account Number
  • Enter the default password which you have received on your mobile.
  • Now you can set your new 6-digit password.

The process is complete and you can make use of SBI Phone Banking.

4: To make use of Phone Banking call on SBI Toll-Free numbers and enter your User ID and password. You will be logged in to Phone Banking.

After logging in, follow IVR instructions and dial the numbers for different services.

So this is the process for SBI Phone Banking which you can do while sitting at your home. You can even visit the nearest SBI ATM for the same.


Process to open PPF Account for existing SBI customers

For the existing customers of SBI, the bank offers the facility of opening PPF (Public Provident Fund) Account online through Internet Banking. This article will provide you with the details for the same.

If you have a Saving Account in SBI, you can open your PPF Account through Internet Banking. Once your PPF account is opened, you can deposit money directly from your savings account to PPF account through the process of net banking.

For getting more benefits open PPF account in the same branch where your saving account exist then your PPF account will be automatically linked to your saving account. If you have opened the PPF account in a different branch then you can submit a request to bank link your PPF account with your saving account.

Process of opening PPF Account online in SBI

1: First step is to log in to SBI net banking account. Given below is the link to the SBI net banking.

2After logging in, click on the Request / Enquiries tab.

After the Request / Enquiries tab is opened, click on New PPF Account.

ON the screen your name, address, CIF number and PAN details will be visible.

  • You need to type your 5-digit branch code in the branch code option and click on Get Branch Name. You can now see your branch name.
  • You can also fill nomination. (Not necessary). Add nominee name and percentage in amount.
  • Then check your details and click on Submit button.
  • The process of PPF Account application is successful
  • Now click onPrint PPF Online Application. When you can click on this option you can see the application reference number, click on that and download your PPF account Application.
  • Take print of this Application and fill the necessary details which are required and attach your passport size photo.
  • After that visit your selected branch and submit your Application with ID proof (Aadhaar card, PAN card, Driving license, Voter Card) and Address proof (Aadhaar card, Driving license, light bill).
  • Once your PPF account is opened, it will be linked to your saving account and you can access it online through net banking. You can deposit money in PPF account via online mode from saving the account. You don’t need to visit a branch for the same.
  • So this is the process by which existing SBI customers can open PPF (Public Provident Fund) online in SBI through net banking. For the new customer, they need to fill-up separate PPF account opening form and then submit it to branch.

3 Ways To Reset SBI Internet Banking Login Password Online

Resetting SBI net banking login password
In case you have forgotten the login password credentials of your SBI Net Banking, then you have the alternative of resetting it online. Here we are going to list out 3 methods to reset your NetBanking login passwords through the online medium.

Your Login Password must always be strong. You can see if it is strong while setting the password. Strong passwords tend to be forgotten easily due to its complexity. For unfortunate scenarios like these where you have forgotten your login password, Reset it with these following 3 methods.

First of all, if you do not have State Bank of India internet banking facility then you can initiate it online itself without visiting the branch. In order to activate online, you would only require your registered mobile number & Debit card credentials.

How to Activate SBI Internet Banking online
Ok, so let’s elaborately understand 3 methods to reset SBI Internet banking login password.

1. Reset through Profile Password
As you must be aware, in SBI online banking you have to keep in mind two passwords (1) Login password (2) Profile password. It is very convenient for you to reset your login password if you remember your profile password.

  • Firstly, browse onto and open the login page.
  • On the login page, click on the option forget login password link.
  • Reset your login password of SBI netbanking through this link.
  • On the next screen, select the option “Forget my login password” and further click on the tab stating “next step”.
  • Post this, enter your online sbi banking credentials such as username, account number, country, Registered mobile number, date of birth and submit these details.
  • You shall receive an OTP password on your registered mobile number. You have to enter this OTP password on the page.
  • Next, you will see 3 alternatives on the screen in order to Reset your login password.
  • Select “Using Profile password” alternative and click on submit.
  • Further, in the next step, you have to enter your profile password.
  • Almost done now! You just have to set your new login password and you’re good to go!
  1. Reset using ATM/Debit card
    To Reset utilizing your ATM/Debit card, the first six steps are exactly same as the previous method.
  • After that, select the alternative, “Using ATM Card details” from the three options on the SBI reset login password page.
  • On the next screen, you will have to enter your card details such as the card number, expiry date, PIN number and click on proceed. Rs.1 small transaction. This will be temporarily deducted from your account and will be refunded back too.
  • Done, just a step away! Now you can set your new login password on the next screen and your login password for SBI net banking will be reset through these simple steps.
  1. Receive Your Login Password via Post
    In case you happen to forget your profile password and unfortunately your ATM/debit card option does not work for you then, this is your last resort to get back your login password securely.
  • After the first six steps common in all the three methods, select the option “Without ATM card and Profile password.”
  • On the next screen, you have to choose the alternative “Receive new login password by post.”
  • Just confirm your postal address in the next step and submit your request to reset your SBI Net Banking login password.
  • That’s it! You shall receive your new login password by post within 10 days only.

By following any of these three easy to do methods you can conveniently and quickly reset your SBI Internet banking login password in a simple manner, as per your preferred alternative with which you are absolutely comfortable.

Generate/Check MMID in SBI Anywhere

MMID stands for Mobile Money Identifier and it is a 7-digit number that enables you to transfer funds through IMPS. It is basically used for IMPS fund transfer.

In cases where you need to send money to a friend, you just need his/her MMID and mobile number, after which you can send money through IMPS.

In the same manner, if you would be receiving money through IMPS, share your own MMID and mobile number to the concerned person, the person will transfer the money and the money will be sent to your account immediately.

In this article, we will be understanding how you can generate or check MMID for your SBI Account in SBI Anywhere (Personal) Application too.

Generate/Check MMID in SBI Anywhere
You can perform all the banking work on the SBI Anywhere (personal) banking application. Whether you want to check your current account balance or transfer money to anyone, you can do all these tasks on SBI online platform from anywhere.

In a similar manner, you can also generate/check your MMID in SBI from anywhere. Below we list out the detailed steps for the same:

1) First of all, you need to login on SBI Anywhere Mobile Application and then type your net banking User ID followed by the password to login and click on the login tab. If you are logging in for the first time then you have the complete phone validation.

2) After sbi login, you need to tap on the “Requests” option.

3) In the “Requests” category, you will see MMID option. Tap on the same.

4) In the following screen you will have to select your account number and tap on the alternative “Get MMID.”

Now you shall be able to see your MMID in the popup box. You will also get an SMS for the same.

Thus, in this manner you can generate or check your SBI Account MMID in SBI from literally anywhere through the aptly named SBI Anywhere (Personal) Application. In case you happen to forget, you can see it at any given time too on this same application.
If you wish to cancel your Mobile money identifier number later, you can also opt for it by simply tapping on the “Cancel mmid” option.